About Live Free, Laura D

Do you have a MASSIVE VISION you’re ready to materialize in your life?


(Maybe you want to build a sustainable community, a retreat center, a mystery school, an advanced training program, invent a new technology, or have a vision to launch an online brand, podcast or write a book...or just want to create a better life for yourself?)


Then just like me, YOU are a Visionary -- You just might not know it yet, OR know how to more fully embody the Visionary Archetype to make your inner dreams, aspirations and visions into a reality; especially a reality where the glorious almighty easy button really does exist and you don't have to struggle your little tush off to get there...


My name is Laura Dawn...and I am a Visionary.


I don’t just call myself a visionary, I embody it; I walk the visionary path & I teach others how to do the same, because...


There's seriously nothing I love more than to tap into visionary realms, cultivate an inner vision of a reality (almost like building a 3D model in my mind) that doesn't yet exist and then watch it manifest in my life. Like... seriously, legit, magic. 

I grew my first online brand to 1.5 million people on Facebook and then sold it for 6-figures, wrote 2 published books, built a volcanic hot spring retreat center from scratch with my husband on the Big Island of Hawaii and then built a 6-figure retreat center — all using these visionary techniques and practices.

I am endlessly fascinated with what it means to tap into visionary states -- both with and without sacred plant medicines -- and over the many years of exploring this deep fascination, I've cultivated specific visionary practices that allow me to transmute my visions into reality and become a resonant match with the future reality I’m ready to be living now, then miraculously watch it show up and unfold in my life, in the most unexpected ways...

Essentially, I've learned (well, more like...still forever learning) how to anchor my inner visions into reality; and to me, that’s what it means to be a visionary.

A Little Back Story

I always deeply resonated with the Visionary Archetype. I considered my father to be a visionary. I watched him talk about far out ideas, like throwing a concert with Snoop Dog headlining, and then like clockwork, he’d make it happen. Luckily, he also planted the belief in me that whatever I thought up in my mind, I could make a reality. So for that, I am eternally grateful. Although, I was also handed a slew of other limiting beliefs, just like everyone else, that I've had to conscious work at re-writing so I can expand the boundaries of what I believe is possible to create with my life. I was also an athlete growing up and was taught the importance of visualization from a very young age, so learning to cultivate inner vision was something that I grew up doing.

Mothership Wings-66

But then... I discovered psychedelics.

I had my first high dose psilocybin trip when I was about 15, and that changed everything. It was my sacred plant medicine allies who enabled me to peer into different dimensions of reality and specifically taught me what it really means to embody the visionary archetype and walk the visionary path.

And then I met I Ayahuasca, who has become my primary plant teacher for the better part of the last 10 years.

Resonate at the frequency of greatness

It was ayahuasca that not only helped treat my depression and addiction tendencies, but also taught me a specific formula for tapping into visionary states.

I learned first and foremost in the plant realms, and then perfect synchronicities would continue to align; even the very next day after learning something profound and new from my plant teachers, new information would pop into my life that supported what I was learning from a scientific perspective, or I'd learn about some ancient wisdom that certain indigenous cultures already knew about. It was like this breadcrumb trail was being placed in front of me for me to pick up the pieces. So I followed her lead.

I became insatiably curious about the fields of neuroscience, neurofeedback, quantum physics, specific medication techniques, psychedelic research, and essentially studied the “biology” of transformation, the “biology” of Divine Alignment and the “biology” of miracles.


Then I'd take what I was learning and use plant medicines as a launchpad to journey into other dimensions and test out and further develop this visionary conceptual model, (I like to call it a winning recipe) where I learned how to effectively create a 3D model in my mind, and then literally attune my body to resonate at the frequency of that creation to become manifest in my life...


Tapping into visionary states is one of the most powerful tools I've ever discovered for transmuting my inner visions into reality; essentially, a tool for manifestation.


I've cultivated an effective way to directly experience what I refer to as the quantum realm — the unseen dimensions beyond all space and time where the laws of Newtonian physics simply don’t apply. It’s the realm of Spirit, where magic and miracles are birthed from and is the source of all of creation…and just like I did, you can learn how to tap into it too.

Trusting in the Great Unknown

In mid 2018 I did a 6-week intensive “deep dive” with ayahuasca and explored new dimensions of my consciousness I never even new existed. A vision of creating this advanced visionary training program was seeded in my consciousness and I knew in my heart that this was why I was put on this planet right now.

A few months later...

I had a solo journey with my sacred plant allies and that night, in the depths of darkness, I said a prayer to Spirit that I was ready for whatever needed to happen to bring me more fully on my heart path. That night, Spirit gave me a song that fell into my lap. I picked up my guitar and I played a new song I call “Trust in the Great Unknown”.

Live Free Laura D Group Mastermind Coaching

The next morning, the earthquakes started and didn’t stop until lava started flowing from the closest subdivision, directly uphill from our land and retreat center.

Volcanic Eruption

The entire time we evacuated, the only thing going through my head were 3 of the lines from the song that had just come through:

  • “Trust in the great unknown,
  • Trust that the way will be shown, and
  • Trust that the highest will unfold”.

The song was Spirt’s way of telling me to trust, this was the deal I made with spirit that night…I did say I was ready after all.

The next 8 months is what I call my “warrior of light” training, that the Universe felt I was ready for. I learned first hand that when we hold an inner vision of a life we're ready to be living, current realities can fall by the wayside which can feel very chaotic. But as I learned, Chaos is the Perfect Catalyst for Transformation.

I had to let go of everything I knew to be true, shed all old ways of being and let go of some of the things I felt most precious and valuable to me. I was being stripped to my core. But the fabric of my being was being woven back stronger than before.

Another miracle happened: the lava spared our land, we sold our retreat center and now?

Well, now…I dedicate my life to these visionary teachings which was the heart of my prayer. 

After experiencing these unseen dimensions and watching miracles unfold in my life, I’ve greatly expanded my self-imposed limitations around what I believe is possible, what I believe I’m capable of creating with my life and what I believe you’re capable of too.

Just for the record... You don’t need to be Elon Musk or Oprah Winfrey to be a Visionary. Everyone has the capacity to truly embody the Visionary archetype — to hold an inner vision of possibility and call forth that vision into reality, although most people don’t give themselves permission to live that big or to dare that boldly.

So go ahead, what do you have to lose? And what's stopping you? Give yourself permission to more fully embody the Visionary Archetype and see where that journey might want to take you...sailing off into the Great Unknown.

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