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Ok, so you know, — like feel it in your bones know — that you’re destined for a life of Greatness. 

If you’ve landed on this page, you’re probably like me:

  • You have a burning desire to inspire people;
  • You want to make a huge positive impact in the world;
  • You're ready to bring your passion and your purpose into Divine Alignment;
  • Achieve greater success (but your definition of success);
  • Have tons of freedom to live the life exactly the way you want to be living it;
  • Be incredibly well paid for what you do, and oh yeah...
  • Rock your life like a total badass

You, my friend, want to Resonate at the Frequency of Greatness. 

Clearly, you have big dreams and big goals and you really feel like you have what it takes to “make it”. 

The Only Thing Is....

You keep tripping yourself up by chronically falling into one or all of the most common traps that prevent you from achieving your goals and aligning with success and the life of greatness you know you’re destined for.

You either fall into the:

  • The lack of clarity trap: You’re not exactly sure what you’re souls calling in, or the truly unique message you embody, and therefore lack a cohesive strategy to fully embody your authentic voice and bring that message to the world.
  • The stuck trap: You’re clear on what your purpose is, but you feel stuck because you’re not sure the exact next steps you need to take (Should I focus on social media? How do I launch my website? Should I even have a website? Which social media channels should I focus on? What the heck is a lead magnet anyways?) This leads to…
  • The overwhelm trap…no you’re not crazy, life at this kind of pace is totally insane and downright crazy. It takes serious focus (like Ninja Jedi focus) to not constantly feel like you’re being pulled in a zillion directions and to know what the best use of your time is at any given moment.
  • The fear trap: Oh yes, we’re all familiar with the fear trap: fear of failure, fear of success, fear of rejection, fear of not following through, fear of fear, fear of change, fear of losing money, fear of wasting your time, fear of not being good enough, just to name a few!
  • The multi-passionate trap: “I’m passionate about 10 bijilion things, how the F* do I tie this all together?! Or “How can I possibly only commit to one thing?” This often causes you to spread yourself too thin, dilute the core message of your brand or prevent you from gaining total clarity about what your purpose is and who you’re trying to help in the process.

You're ready to adopt the habits and mindsets of high performance achievers and you’re ready to hit the easy button and bring your business and your life into Divine Alignment so you can finally make the impact your heart is aching to make.

There's Something You Should Know About Me

I do not take a conventional approach to teaching people how to embody a life of Greatness, step into divine alignment and achieve soul centered success.

Actually, I’ve never really resonated with conventional….

I take a “frequency first” approach to business coaching which is one of the reasons I call myself a “shamanic business coach” and a “shamanic life coach”

The frequency first approach means that I teach you how to tap into the feeling state of what you want to

call in, aligning with the inner vision of what you want to manifest and create from this place.

So wether you’re in the process of launching a new career, a new business or an online brand, I not only help people get clear on the most strategic next steps to take, like the nuts and bolts — the doing part of the equation, but just as importantly, I coach you on the being part of the equation, so you can literally hit the easy button, achieve what you want much faster and have a lot more fun doing it.

Success Snapshot

You see, I’ve achieved a lot of great things with my life, or at least they were important to me to achieve, and that's all that counts...

Live Free Laura D

Here’s just a couple of things I’ve accomplished, mostly all by the age of 30:

  • I’ve already had 2 very successful online brands, (this is my third).
  • I grew my first brand (that was geared towards influencing positivity with positive quotes) to over 1.5 million people on Facebook and went on to sell it for 6 figures.
  • Built my second online brand Happy & Raw into a 6-figure a year retreat business by implementing strategic online SEO strategies.
  • My husband and I bought raw land in Hawaii and built a Volcanic Hot Spring Retreat Center from scratch (by far the hardest thing I’ve accomplished to date!).
  • Have run a successful catering business and retreat business for the better part of a decade.
  • Published two books with two different publishing companies (Unhooked: A Holistic Approach to Ending Your Struggle with Food and Mindful Eating for Dummies — yes that Dummies series by Wiley.)
  • Have a University degree in finance, entrepreneurship and marketing.

Secret Sauce to Success

Sure, I worked really hard to accomplish my goals. I went to business school, I took online courses, I had (and still have) mentors and coaches. I learned a lot, especially once I got serious about investing in myself. 

But no where “out there” did I learn some of the most potent secrets to success, particularly surrounding tapping into the "Frequency of Greatness" and aligning with the inner vision of what we want to manifest in our lives and how to hit the easy button making that vision a reality. 

So where did I learn the real secrets to success?

But to be honest, I attribute most of my success to my relationship with plants.

Plants?! Yup. Plants.

Specifically, psychedelics. My primary plant teacher for the past 10 years has been ayahuasca, but I’ve worked very in depth with other psychedelics as well, since I was 14. 

Now, I’m not by any means telling you that you have to ingest these substances to be successful, not at all!

But I am letting you know this because well, first of all, it’s a big part of who I am, and second of all, it’s greatly influenced what I teach, how I teach and the way I teach people to achieve a life of greatness. And of course, I love working with my medicine tribe.

In case you're skeptical about the incredible wisdom that these sacred plant medicines have, FDA approved research is well underway in the US (although these sacred plant medicines are still not legal in the US) the government is recognizing the important role that plant medicines can plan in our society (especially when used with intention in the proper set and setting.)

Plant medicines have helped me:

  • Heal depression
  • Heal addiction
  • Heal trauma stored in my body
  • Remove deeply rooted self-sabotaging blocks to my success
  • Radically shift limiting beliefs

Plant medicines have taught me:

  • What it really mans to be a Visionary 
  • How to manifest my souls desire
  • How to tap into flow states
  • How to think more creatively 
  • How to love more deeply
  • How to be more focused and present
  • How to make better decisions for my life
  • How to take myself and my goals a little less seriously and have more fun along the way 
  • That everything is sacred and everything is connected
  • That there is an infinite field of possibilities always waiting for us to show up and co-create with it. 


How to tap into the Frequency of Greatness. 

Plant medicines have taught me how to tap into and harness the power of visionary states (that these plants are so good at inducing), to not only help me continuously get clear on the deeper meaning of what my purpose is, but literally vision what I want my life to look like, and more importantly feel like, and oftentimes providing me with crystal clear insights around exact steps I need to take to allow my vision to manifest in this physical reality.

That, in a nutshell has been my ticket to success.

You don’t have to be into drinking ayahuasca to work with me. You can simply benefit from what I’ve learned through years of working with these plants.

Shamanic Coaching

I call myself a Shamanic Business/Life Coach…and you might be wondering what the heck is that?

I touched on it a little earlier, but let me expand on that.

A shaman is someone who works in the spirit realms and knows how to tap into those realms to influence this physical realm.

I like to consider myself having one foot in that spirit realm (that I also refer to as the quantum field) and one foot in this physical realm as a winning recipe for creating a life of epicness.

There’s a really strong spiritual component to what I’m teaching, and the way I coach, which I find is lacking in the current business coaching field.

When I say "spiritual" what I'm mostly talking about are concepts backed by science, but that take a leap of faith for us to believe in them, and constant reminders to remember them, like the fact that everything you want in life already exists in the infinite field of possibilities. This my friends is a fact backed by science.

I take a "frequency first" approach to coaching you on how to create the life you really want to be living, because we know, and science proves that everything is energy, everything. And by aligning our being with the feeling state of what it is we want to create, we're creating a resonant match with the future reality we're calling in.

We live in a playground of creation, and I help you remember how to play. 

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