Tapping into the Frequency of Greatness

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Next Start Date: April 3rd 2019

Course Description

In this advanced online group coaching program, Laura Dawn teaches her formula for tapping into the quantum field to step into Divine Alignment in your life, and manifest your souls calling.

Laura Dawn shows you how tapping into the void is one giant playground and she teaches you how to play.

Who is This Course For?

If you're ready to tap into the frequency of greatness to seriously up-level your game in life, this is the perfect course for you.

A relationship with plant medicines can be helpful but not necessary to learn the concepts discussed in this course. Psychedelics have a unique capacity to allow us to experience energy within a different perceptual field of awareness and can shift the way we perceive reality.

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Course Modules

Introduction Group Coaching


Leaving Behind the Ordinary

This is the moment, the time has come for us to push off the shores of safety to venture off into the great unknown. We are hardwired to cling to the known, but it's in the vastness of the unknown, the void, that the truly miraculous happens.

We will cover an explanation of what the "Frequency of Greatness" is and how we can align with it to step into Divine Alignment in our lives.


Week 1

Embodying the Archetype of Visionary

Learn how to cultivate vision. In this module, we'll cover what it means to become the visionaries of our own lives and why cultivating this archetype within ourselves is a necessary first step to achieving greatness.


Week 2

Overcoming Our Past to Create A New Future

Did you know that your brain is literally a simulation machine? Science proves that we constantly create our future reality based on our past mental constructs. How we saw the world and who we were yesterday will largely determine our experience of tomorrow.

The world does not unfold outside of you, and you merely experience it. We fundamentally create our reality from the inside out. And most of our hard-wiring has programed us to live within survival mode.

Learn how to overcome your hardwiring for survival, make a break from your past so you can lay the foundation for achieving greater things you ever thought imaginable.


Week 3

Change the Way You Look at Things and the Things You Look at Will Change

When we change our perception of reality, our reality will drastically change.

This week we will be understanding brain waves and how they impact such a large part of our mental, emotional and physical health and wellbeing. You'll learn techniques to drop into alpha brain wave states and start tapping into the quantum field of reality.

We'll cover the big difference between quantum reality versus Newtonian reality and why training your brain to perceive reality different will like hitting the easy button on manifesting what you want in your life.

We'll also cover why asking the right questions is essential to being forth the right solutions to the challenging moments of our lives. 


Week 4

The Winning Recipe for Tapping into the Quantum Field

This week, we'll build on the previous 3 modules and you'll learn the secret sauce formula for tapping into the quantum field to manifest your souls desires.

We'll talk vibrational frequencies, and how to consciously raise yours to become a closer vibrational match with what you're calling into your life.


Week 5

Overcoming Self-Imposed Limitations

This week we're going to dive deep into the nitty gritty of what's been holding you back in your life by uncovering limiting beliefs and energetic blockages to manifesting your souls desires.

You'll learn some effective techniques for re-wiring your beliefs and also how to clear your channels to remove energetic blockages and keep your channel of inspiration and creative life force clear and open.


Week 6

The Science of Divine Alignment

This week, you'll understand what it really means to step into Divine Alignment in your life, coupling science with spirituality. We'll talk about what soul centered success looks like for you, and circle back around to week 1 and touch on daily visionary practices you can implement in your life to stay connected to the vision of the epic future you're ready to align with and create.


Testimonial for the Frequency ion Greatness

Emma Marie, 
Visionary Artist

Resonate at the Frequency of Greatness workshop with Laura Dawn has planted seeds of revelatory inspiration and keys to the gateway of pure potentiality and manifestation in my life. Her conversational teachings deriving from personal experience and depths of study about quantum physics invited the group to shine the light of awareness on limiting belief patterns and programming ~ and through asking questions with curiosity, begin to “move beyond who we think we are” to transform our perceptual framework. 

My relationship to the Visionary archetype is evolving with the support of LD’s teachings. She is the embodiment of an empowered Visionary, and shares wisdom with heartful clarity, openness and authenticity from daily practice. Her guided meditations have been an incredibly potent tool I’ve integrated into tapping into the quantum field and expanding my awareness ~ a ripple that is influencing an enhanced connection to spaciousness, flow and creative expression.

I recommend working with Laura Dawn to anyone who is desiring a skillset to align with greater purpose and creativity, wholeness, and a clear pathway to ease and allowing. She is a beacon, luminary and pioneer paving a path to evolutionary, soul-centered greatness and success. A few words that have been reverberating in my Visionary artistry from her workshop “Paint the potency of prayers into the physical realm.” 


David Henry, Visionary Healer

Laura Dawn is a visionary in the truest sense of the word. Her work is a profound synthesis of many schools of thought which encapsulates the leading edge of consciousness, advanced meditation, and psychedelic shamanism.

I find her work to be especially powerful because of the depth of her personal experience. Beyond theoretical speculation and what science can validate , Laura Dawn is a tried and true pioneer deeply redefining what is possible.


Sharon Joy, Psychotherapist

As a psychotherapist and healer myself, I’ve been to many trainings and workshops and I have found that Laura Dawn’s teachings are truly one of the most inspirational and transformative experiences I have ever done. She is clearly brilliant in her understanding of transformation and cultivating the visionary and, most importantly, very strongly embodies that visionary archetype herself. 

It’s been a year since I had my first workshop with Laura Dawn and at the time her teachings made intuitive sense and since then my life has unfolded in ways that continue to inspire me and validate the wisdom of her teachings. 


Tim James, Software Developer

Through Laura Dawn's workshop I've gained new clarity where the mind and the transcendent intersect.  She weaved together key gleanings from the fields of brain science, quantum mechanics, meditation, medicine work, prayer, and her own wealth of experience to build a context she led us right into with simple but powerful "space-oriented" meditation.  This experientially grounded her teachings and gave me a path forward... something I can *do* to generate life from vision.  When there's no way there from here, Laura's approach opens a way.

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