Clarity of Vision


~Become the Visionary of Your Life~

Get clear on what vision you want to manifest and step into Divine Alignment with your souls calling

Coaching Package 

Do you have this inner knowing that you are you being called to offer something more in this world but not exactly sure how to hone in on the specifics of your message or how exactly to bring it to the world? 

The CLARITY of VISION coaching package is great for you if you’re feeling stuck, want to make a move in life, career or business but don’t know which direction to take, or feel overwhelmed by the choices, or if you have a sense of what you want to do but you’re still trying to hone in on the specifics. 

Create a Vision of Your Ideal Life

If you're ready to tap into the frequency of greatness and rock your life like a badass, the first place you need to start is by creating a clear inner vision of exactly what you want to manifest.

How are you going to know what action to take if you don't know the direction you're going in?

Most people don't allow themselves to go after what they really want in life. Laura Dawn will help you remove blocks and limiting beliefs preventing you from achieving the level of Greatness you know in your bones you’re destined for.

Align with Your Soulful Signature

Laura Dawn has a unique ability to help you become the visionary of your life so you can hone in on your souls calling, she likes to call your soulful signature. Your soulful signature carries a vibrational resonance that you can more deeply align with and tune to, creating a life that is more in alignment with this resonant frequency. 

These coaching sessions will help you step into Divine Alignment with your souls purpose so you can be doing what you love, and more importantly, rocking your life like the badass manifestor you already are. 

She has a quick, focused and effective approach to helping you hone in on your soul’s calling, align with the frequency of greatness and create an overall framework for how to get there. 

In these coaching sessions she will be asking you some tough soul searching questions that will help bring more clarity and perspective into achieving your life goals.

Laura Dawn takes a “frequency first” approach to coaching and is all about teaching others how to hit the easy button in their personal and professional lives.

After your sessions with Laura Dawn you will feel:

  • Clear
  • Grounded
  • Heart-centered
  • On-purpose
  • Inspired

Are You 100% Ready to Empower Yourself to Align with the Vision of Your Souls Calling?

Laura Dawn will only book coaching sessions with people who are 100% ready to show up and do the inner it takes to move through inner blocks, answer the tough questions LD will be asking, and who are willing to take time to really go within to seek clarity.

She loves to work with visionaries, entrepreneurs, high achievers and  success enthusiasts.

Potential clients must apply through the short application process below.

Once you apply, Laura Dawn will reach out to confirm an initial free 20 minute coaching session to determine if it's a good fit.

Not ready to commit to the package and want to book one session? 

Contact me here, and tell Laura Dawn what you’d like to work with her on achieving.