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The Frequency First newsletter is for success-oriented visionaries, where the measure of success is deeper fulfillment, happiness, connection, living in alignment with what’s truly important to your heart, and the positive impact that you’re having on this planet.



Live Free Laura D is a visionary powerhouse who I can always count on for inspiration. I am constantly in awe of her boundless creativity and earthly manifestation abilities. I’m honored to call her a friend and collaborator. ~ Tara Davina

Laura D's Frequency First emails have been so powerful. Whenever I see them in my inbox I make sure to take quiet time to read them. They have an immediate positive effect on my frequency and resonate with all parts of my life... parenting, relationship, business. Such empowering reads!  They are so in line with tbe mindset work I've been doing, and the frequency (!) of how often they land in my inbox is just perfect! ~ Alexandra Danieli

“Laura Dawn is a wordsmith of the soul. Her gift is to courageously translate inner revelation with an authentic humility at once both lovably human and brilliantly masterful” ~ David Henry

I love these newsletter updates. I have recently have started to really hear my soul awakening and have been pleasantly surprised to find women like you who are helping people understand how to awaken to their path. I really appreciate your honesty, wisdom, and am continuously inspired to step into myself whilst reading your words of encouragement. Thank you for sharing yourself with the world! ~ Taran

I absolutely love the frequency first news letters you have been sending out monthly. You have such a way with words and your concepts and inspirational messages hit home so hard for me. Your e-mails always arrive right when I need to hear them most. I started to go back and reread some of your other emails. It felt I was reading them for the first time again. Amazing how quickly we can forget, and how important it is to be reminded. 

I just wanted to send you a huge thank you. Thank you for being so wise and unafraid to speak your truth and for having the capacity to share this with others. We need more of this in the world. I actually decided to forward a few of your emails to my friends and family because this shit is just too good not to share! You’ve got some amazing stuff flowing through and I feel honored to witness it. ~ Sky Falzone

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