Spiritual Counseling

I'm sure you've probably noticed:

Shit is getting real on the planet right now!

Everywhere we look, people are frantically busier, more stressed, unfulfilled and depressed than ever before.

I meet people on a daily basis who feel confused and hopeless about the state of the world and this time we’re living in, people who feel alone, disconnected and overwhelmed by life.

Life is feeling more intense and chaotic than ever, and if you’re at all attuned to what’s unfolding on the planet right now, then you’re likely feeling it too.

This Is the Warrior of Light Training the Universe is Giving Us Right now...

If you’re also getting worked by life right now, then consider it a good sign. It means you're ready to receive the training. The Universe is giving you the warrior of light training that humanity needs right now to leave behind the old paradigm and align with a new way of living, being and perceiving reality.

People are only getting worked by life because they are stuck in old, limiting beliefs and perceiving reality through an outdated lens.

These spiritual counseling sessions are like uploading new beliefs that support rather than limit your life and help you wipe your perceptual lens clean so you can have a more clear, direct experience with the true nature of reality and align with the infinite field of possibility.

Spiritual counseling

Tuning in to Higher Frequencies

Live Free Laura D Riding the waves of change

Part of the reason we're witnessing more extremes and experiencing increased intensity of energy is because our planet is undergoing a massive transition right now.

Countless people are speaking about this transition from many different perspectives; but we don't really need proof when we intuitively feel it happening

On an energetic level, science is telling us that the vibrational frequency of the earth is resonating at increasingly higher speeds.

This is why so many people are feeling such a strong energetic dissonance and a state of "incoherence". We need to learn how to "tune" our bodies, minds and our entire lives to these higher frequencies.

Think of this increase of energy like surfing in the ocean.

We can either catch this wave of change and step into the flow of the most exhilarating ride of our lives, or we can resist the immense increase of energy we’re experiencing on the planet and just get totally and utterly pummeled by it. 

I for one vote for catching the sweetest ride of my life. How about you?

But this transition we're in isn't without its growing pains...

There is a deep, fundamental restructuring happening on the planet right now, where the old paradigm is falling away in order for a new way of being to emerge.

As we attune to these higher vibrational frequencies, associated to a rapid expansion of consciousness, our physical realities we've constructed for ourselves are no longer a resonant vibrational match with the new way we’re ready to be living, and as a result, it can feel like our world is falling apart around us.

Letting go of an old way of being can be extremely painful, confusing and chaotic. And many of us, myself included, feel like we are burning in the fires of purification and transmutation as we grieve the “loss” of our old lives.

Live free laura d burning in the fire

Don't Lose Sight in the Darkness,
This is the Time to Trust, Let Go & Surrender

The old paradigm is falling away while the new one is emerging and this can be incredibly intense, painful, depressing and confusing for so many people. So how do we learn to let go, trust and surrender?

That’s what the Universe is teaching us all right now: how to let go…because we can’t keep holding on to the way things were and we certainly need to leave our baggage at the door if we want to tap into and access higher dimensions of reality, visionary states and quantum reality.

It’s in the darkest moments of this deeply felt pain of that we need to remind ourselves that this needs to happen in order for a new, more harmonious reality to emerge.

It's the breakdown before the breakthrough...

what the world needs is people willing to wake up

Stepping Into Divine Alignment, Strengthening Your Heart and Walking Your Truth

For many of us, we are passing through the portal of chaos in order to step into deeper harmonious alignment with our truth. 

More people than ever are consciously choosing to leave behind the status quo in search of deeper meaning and greater fulfillment and this is not going to be without its rocky moments.

People are hearing the whispers within the shadows of their hearts to wake up, step up and speak up. 

Due to the increase in energetic frequencies, it's more important now, more than ever that we step into Divine Alignment and fully walk our truth.

Because the pain of staying the same and living out of alignment in a disharmonious, incoherent state is going to become increasingly more painful than going through the portal of transformation.

Spiritual Counseling with Live Free, Laura D

These one-on-one sessions are like vibrational frequency tune ups.

They are a helpful support to remind you that what you're experiencing is totally ok and support you in the process of learning to trust, let go and surrender. 

People are experiencing massive transition in all areas of their lives. The amount of people I directly know who've lost their homes and personal belongings due to natural disasters is staggering. These can be tremendously tumultuous times. 

Whether you're going through it in your job and career, your relationships or marriage, your relationship to your own body and self worth, or just feel out of sorts, these coaching sessions will leave you feeling inspired, more grounded in your sense of self and can help you re-clarify sense of purpose and direction in your life.