Chaos is the Perfect Catalyst for Transformation

Change is in the air, can you sense it?

In addition to the feeling of change that a new year brings, it seems like many people are experiencing deep transition in their lives right now. Transition within relationships, career choices, living situations…you name it. And this level of transition can feel ungrounding, disorienting and even chaotic at times.

I know how hard it is to fully lean in and emotionally embrace the level of drastic and rapid changes we are witnessing on the planet right now.

But it’s important to remember what’s catalyzing this change. The underlying current of these potent transitions are being fueled by an awakening of consciousness on this planet.

Breakdowns Lead to Breakthroughs

What we’re witnessing is that the old paradigm, of what life is “supposed” to be like, is no longer working for a lot of people. We’re witnessing that tipping point, or perhaps the breaking point for many people, which is actually the catalyst of change that many of us need right now to reach higher in our lives.

This is a Time for Letting Go

With the New Year upon us, now is the time for letting go of what no longer serves us. And in this process of letting go, we’re stepping out of our old routines, old ways of perceiving reality, old ways of believing, and we’re letting go to what we used to call “normal”.

When you hold an inner vision of what you want your life to look like, to be like and most importantly to feel like, and you decide to break with your past to align with the future you truly want to be living, things can feel chaotic at first. It might even feel like your life is “falling apart”, and in some sense it is.

Things can feel “shaken up” in your life simply because you’ve let go of an old routine and an old way of being. But it’s in this very moment where you have an opportunity to re-align with a life that’s a better or higher vibrational match to what you truly want. It’s in this moment of “chaos” that the magic happens.

I love how Joe Dispenza speaks to this in his book Becoming Supernatural:

“By the way, if you do this work well and manage to call your energy back to you, it will most likely be uncomfortable at first, even a little chaotic. Get ready because certain areas of your life may fall apart.

But don’t worry. That’s supposed to happen because you’re breaking the energetic bonds between yourself and your same past reality. Anything that is no longer in a vibrational match between you and your future is going to fall away. Let it. Don’t try to put your old life back together because you’re going to be way too busy with the new destiny your calling to yourself.”

Even though you might consciously be calling a new reality to you, it’s so easy to fear the change of the unknown and have that knee-jerk reaction to run right back to the old way of being, which can feel more safe and grounded.

These moments of transition can feel dark, which is why this deep transformational metamorphosis is often referred to as the Dark Nights of the Soul. But again, they are that catalyst of change and they always birth something more miraculous than you can possibly imagine.

Don’t lose sight in the darkness. Have faith that this is exactly the process you need to go through to get to the other side where you can become a vibrational match with the life you want to be living. Don’t be afraid of the “chaos”, because that is actually the realm of pure, infinite possibility, where you have the power to create whatever reality you choose.

My Own Process of Letting Go

On Friday morning, Noah cradled me in his arms, tears streaming down my face as I signed the last of the documents for the sale of our beloved land Sacred Source Springs.

They’re not tears of sadness, just tears of sheer awe; awe of the magnitude of the true nature of impermanence.

Life is just so incredibly bitter sweet, isn’t it?

This experience from lava-evacuation to the sale of our land has taught me that when something is no longer a vibrational match in my life, it will fall by the wayside. And although this might feel so painful in moments, what is allows is for is an opening: an opening into the magic and mystery of the great unknown for more miracles to unfold and for a higher vibrational alignment to manifest in my life.

May we learn to see the hope in our future rather than the grief of loss, because nothing is ever really lost, only transformed into something new.

What Are You Ready to Let Go Of?

So I’m curious to know: what are you ready to let go of as you embark into the unknown of 2019? What do you absolutely know is no longer serving you? What’s no longer a vibrational match? Maybe it’s a belief, a habit, a relationship, a job or a way of communicating?

If you listen closely, you’ll hear the whispers within the shadows of your heart encouraging you to follow the frequency of joy, inspiration, love and happiness in your life.

What direction is this frequency guiding you in?

May you learn to navigate these changing of the tides with as much strength, grace, ease and compassion as possible.

Be gentle on yourself.

Music to Move You

I absolutely LOVE this song by Satsang featuring Tubby Love called “Be Love” – Enjoy!

I have a Personal Favor to Ask…

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I’m deeply grateful that you keep tuning in with me every other week.

Take care of yourself and those you love…

And may these times of rapid transition be as gentle on your heart, body and mind as possible.

May every inner vision you hold in your life come to fruition and bless your life and the lives around you with so much goodness.

Live Free, Laura D

Laura Dawn. Resonate at the Frequency of Greatness

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