May 12th, 2021

Episode #23 of the psychedelic leadership podcast

Ep. 23 Waking Up to More of Ourselves with Filmmaker Ben Joseph Stewart


In this episode, Laura Dawn interviews documentary filmmaker and producer of the Psychedelica series featured on Gaia TV, Ben Joseph Stewart to talk about optimal human potential, Pseudoscience, DMT, belonging and what it means to wake up to more of ourselves.

Ben Joseph Stewart is a filmmaker and producer of the Psychedelica series that just launched Season 2 on Gaia TV and released DMT Quest featuring names like Wim Hof. He also hosted his own talk show on GaiaTV called Limitless and is passionate about exploring optimal human performance. In this episode Laura Dawn speaks to Ben Stewart about psychedelics, pseudoscience, how we connect to a sense of belonging by connecting to a feeling of safety, and what it means to wake up to more of ourselves. We talk about the intersection of Eastern Philosophy, Quantum physics, brain harmonics, psychedelics and more. 

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Filmmaker Ben Joseph Stewart Biography​

Filmmaker, public speaker and musician Ben Joseph Stewart has an artists style for the conscious community.  Before his touring rock group Hierosonic disbanded, Ben had already launched his third full length documentary with global viral attention.  Most recently he launched a 14 part series called Psychedelica and soon after hosted his own talk show Limitless on Most recent films are DMT Quest on Youtube and Psychedelica season 2 on


Featured Music

Episode #23 of the Psychedelic Leadership Podcast features a song by the talented musician Murray Kyle.

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