July 1st, 2021

Episode #28 of the psychedelic leadership podcast

Elders Offer Wise Advice for The Younger Generation of the Psychedelic Movement


What advice do the elders have for the younger generation stepping into the psychedelic space? This episode features a conversation with 3 wisdom keepers of our time who offered perspectives on what they called “Points of Study” for navigating the complexity and nuance of bridging ancient lineages into a modern world.

As the psychedelic movement rapidly bolts forward, we might consider looking to the elders for guidance to maintain respect, reciprocity and bridge understanding of the traditions connected to these plant medicines into Western culture. 


This episode was from a panel of wisdom keepers, recorded in front of a live Clubhouse audience featuring Otomi-Toltec wisdom keeper Mindahi Bastida,  Loretta Afraid of Bear Cook of Oglala Sioux Nation, and Joyti Ma who is founder of the Fountain and convener of the International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers. 


What are some of the Western psychedelic facilitator training programs missing? How do we stay in right relationship? How do we hold the balance between ancient wisdom and what’s needed right now for a Western culture? What does it mean to follow the protocols of the original peoples? Jyoti Ma calls these challenging questions “Points of Study” that require looking at their nuance and complexity from many different perspectives. 


Alongside Laura Dawn, host of the Psychedelic Leadership Podcast, this episode was in collaboration with Tricia Eastman from Ancestral Heart, and Sophia Rohklin, from the Amazon Emergency Fund moderating the conversation as bridges for the psychedelic community to facilitate a meaningful exchange.

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Jyoti Ma, Mindahi Munoz, Grandmother Loretta, Tricia Eastman Biography​

Jyoti Ma is the convener of the International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers. She serves as a delegate of the Mother Earth Delegation of the United Indigenous Nations. Grandmother Jyoti is the founder of The Fountain. The Fountain’s mission is to restore an economic model that is based on reciprocity and collaboration guided by Nature and the Sacred. 


Mindahi Crescencio Bastida Muñoz, Ph.D.

is the Director of the Original Nations Program of the Fountain. Mindahi serves as the General Coordinator of the Otomi-Toltec Regional Council in Mexico. Muñozs’ work centers around the restoration of the Original Instructions and ancestral wisdom through the Unification Process based on the Four Earth Mandates; 

  1. Creation of the Council of Elders; II. Activation of Sacred Sites; III.Houses of Original Thought; IV. Intercultural Dialogue and exchange.



Grandmother Loretta Afraid bear of the Oglala Sioux nation, board member of the fountain holding the seat of earth initiatives, stewarding the Black Hills project, a land stewardship restoration bringing together the great Sioux nations, 16 tribes spanning across the US and Canada.


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Episode #30 of The Psychedelic Leadership Podcast features a song called by Todo Familia by Rachael Sessions

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