December 3rd 2020

Episode #1 of the psychedelic leadership podcast


Laura Dawn speaks with Jonathan Glazer,
co-founder of the Thank You Plant Medicine Campaign
about what it takes to get a big vision off the ground.

In this episode, Jonathan talks about what the Thank You Plant Medicine campaign has accomplished so far, the challenges they’ve had to overcome, and the vision they are holding for the future. He shares transparently about what he’s learned about leadership as they have built a team of incredible human beings and have coordinated efforts from thousands of volunteers from around the world to support this campaign. 

He shares his viewpoints on navigating challenging situations, especially when they need to address people in the community who have received feedback of malpractice or inappropriate behavior in the psychedelic space. He also touches on his thoughts around cultural appropriation. 

We also talk about Jonathan’s meditation practice and his multi-faceted and open-minded approach to working with psychedelics, and his perspective on how psychedelics can be a catalyst for change in many domains of life. 


Transcript for episode

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Jonathan Glazer Biography

I was born in Israel and since 2003 I live in Costa Rica. I am 41 years old. I have been an entrepreneur since my early 20’s and today have a 13 years old security company. In parallel to my professional career I have developed a meditation practice over 22 years. Initially through Yoga style and in the last 15 years with a teacher for Tibetan Healing Meditation. I graduated in psychology and I have interest in Neuroscience and mind-body connection.

Meditation was my main spiritual practice until late in 2016, when I had my first entheogenic plant experience. One of my meditation students with whom I had six months classes felt he is not advancing fast enough in his meditation practice. At that time I was aware that people that experienced ayahuasca had in some sense similar experiences to deep states of meditation, including the sensation of being one with the universe, ability to go deep inside oneself, a form of ego dissolution, greater connection to nature, access to long forgotten biographical memories as well as access to what seem as past generations memories and experiences. I offered my student to go with him to our first entheogenic plant experience in the context of an ayahuasca ceremony. 

Since then, I have combined meditation and entheogenic plant medicine to further my own practice, to make changes in how I manage my company, to improve how I relate to people and the world, to create music and expand my instrument literacy, and to better understand my purpose in life. 

Since the beginning of my experiences with entheogenic plants, I felt that they are greatly misrepresented, and it did not make sense to me that such beautiful and healing experiences are banned by western society that claims to be modern and open. In 2019 I went to Girona for the World Ayahuasca Conference and to Horizons in NY, with the goal to find out what I can do to help bridge the gap. I was also looking to learn about education opportunities within the Neuroscience – Psychology – Psychedelics sphere. Since then, together with Dave my co-founder of Thank You Plant Medicine, I have been busy creating a global movement to destigmatize entheogenic plants and psychedelics. 


Thank You Plant Medicine

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Episode #1 of the Psychedelic Leadership Podcast featured music by my dear song sister Mary Isis. Please check out all of her incredible musical offerings at any one of the following links.

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