I Am Worthy of Receiving

​A very strong underlying current that runs through our western culture is the underlying belief of not being good enough — a feeling of unworthiness.

The email I sent 2 weeks ago called: “What’s Blocking Your Channel of Abundance Part 1” was the prequel to this email. If you haven’t read it, definitely go give it a read. This email speaks about clearing your abundance channel and looking at your limiting beliefs around receiving abundance in your life.

And as I mentioned in that email, a lot of these limiting story-lines we tell ourselves are like programs that run deep within our subconscious, so it’s not like these feelings of not being good enough or feeling unworthy are at the surface of our daily thoughts, but they tend to muddle things up under the surface.

For some, this feeling of unworthiness is much more subtle than for others, but when we peel back the layers, this feeling seems to be right there at the rock-bottom core of it all, for so many of us. This core feeling spawns limiting beliefs that we then buy into and that run the show in our lives, and most of the time it’s hard to see that this is what’s really happening.

This especially pertains to our beliefs around how worthy we feel or how deserving we feel to receive; receive abundance, goodness, miraculous good fortune, love, connection, nurturance…pretty much anything and everything in our lives.

Imagine how the Universe must feel after countless miracles unfolded to birth you into reality, for you to stare back up at the source of creation feeling unworthy.

Feeling unworthy is not a resonant vibrational match with feeling abundant. It sits at odds with an openness towards receiving (abundance, love, connection…you name it) in your life.

I mean, when you think about it, you’re a walking, talking living miracle. The miraculous aligned to bring you here, and it was the source of all of creation that you were birthed from. You are a part of this miraculous creation and you are not separate from it — ever. And you can learn how to attune your resonant vibration with this Source of creation (which will open the channel for countless miracles to unfold in your life, by owning your worth.

This separation we feel is ok; it’s part of the process. It’s this appearance of separation that offers us the journey back home to our wholeness. It’s like the crack where the light gets in for us to remember who we truly are and what we are truly capable of.

I wonder how different your life would look if you truly knew and embodied how powerful you really are?

When we start asking ourselves the questions:

  • How do I find deeper healing?
  • How do I heal the wounds of unworthiness?
  • How do I learn to embody my wholeness and live my life from that place?

That’s when the answers start to come. Starting to ask these questions and setting intentions for our own healing is the very first place we embark on the road back to wholeness.

Working with Sacred Plant Medicines

One of the most significant tools for healing in my own life are sacred plant medicines. For almost a decade now, my primary plant teacher has been ayahuasca and has taught me a significant amount, not only around what it means to be a visionary and to create my reality with my mind and heart, but offers a path towards healing some of these core wounds of unworthiness.

I also promised you in the last email that I would share a story about how I manifested $125,000 overnight, which speaks to healing my own core wounding around unworthiness.

Five years ago my husband and I bought raw land on the big island of Hawai’i with a vision to build a retreat center. After we bought the land, we had almost no money. We towed a VW van onto the land and lived in it with no electricity, no internet, no running water. Noah went through some legal stuff that drained our bank account, and we were struggling. I didn’t lose hope and I connected with the inner vision of the retreat center we intended to build every single day. And then I came to a point where I knew I needed to pray for a miracle.

At this point I was working with the sacred plant medicine ayahuasca for many years and believed in the power of prayer (if the word praying doesn’t resonate, and I’m not using it in the religious context, just swap it out for intention). I sat with ayahuasca in ceremony, and for the first time I experienced this incredibly distinct and full-on opening of the channel between me and Source, and I whispered my prayers into the Source of all of creation, for a miracle to unfold in our lives.

In that moment, I knew that I tapped into a realm beyond space and time and planted a seed in the fertile ground where miracles are birthed from. I felt it in the core of my being. It was a distinct vibrational frequency.

A few nights later I sat with this plant medicine again, and I noticed an energy blockage in what I refer to as my abundance channel.

I saw, with complete clarity, how deep under the surface I had been living my life from a place of feeling unworthy. That I hadn’t felt good enough to receive. That I had to struggle in order to receive anything of value in my life. I prayed for my healing and I asked for this energy to be cleared and these limiting beliefs to be re-structured into new, supportive beliefs.

And then the strangest thing happened. I noticed this dense mass of energy blocking the free-flowing movement of abundance into my life, and I literally grabbed it and moved it out of the way, clearing the channel. The next day a miracle happened and someone contacted me to buy my first online brand that had just been sitting there untouched for years. By the end of the week I had $128,000 in my bank account and we were able to build our dream that touched the lives of countless people. So much profound healing has transpired on that land for so many people as a result of me owning my worthiness to receive.

That was my first experience of tapping into the Source of creation and was one of the most mystical moments I’ve ever experienced in my life. Since then I’ve been walking the path of the miraculous, learning how to tap into visionary states (both with and without plant medicines) to anchor my visions into reality. The visionary practices that birthed as a result of that moment are truly my secret sauce to creating, and I’m thrilled to be creating my first advanced training program teaching other people how to do the same.

All is possible. Most of the time, we simply need to just step out of our own way.

What would it feel like to know you are worthy to receive all the goodness that’s already flowing into your life? Feel that feeling. Truly feel it in your heart, and let that frequency guide your way. This is the frequency first approach to living a like beyond your wildest dreams.

Let your mantra this week be: “I Am Worthy of Receiving”

Music to Move You

This week’s feature song is by Fia titled I AM. The songs we choose to listen to in our day to day lives are another powerful tool for re-writing the subconscious programs of not good enough. I invite you to choose the media you expose yourself to wisely. Music has the capacity to penetrate our subconscious minds.

If you’re interested in the other music I’ve shared, or want to read past emails you can check out my Frequency First Archives here.

Feel free to leave your comments down below!

From my heart to yours,

Live Free, Laura D



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