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If you are interested in cultivating a microdosing practice with ayahuasca vine, please read through this entire page, including the following FAQ’s in entirety before submitting an application.


In addition, if you haven’t read my microdosing coaching page that outlines my framework for microdosing in general, please read it before submitting an application. It offers a lot of useful, complimentary information, and will give you a better understanding of my philosophy and approach to microdosing. 

This page you are on right now is for people interested in microdosing ayahuasca vine specifically, which requires a different process of support due to the nature of this medicine.

Frequently Asked Questions

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I’d like to start microdosing ayahuasca vine. Can you support me and how do I start?

I can support you on your microdosing journey in a variety of ways. However, I am selective about who I choose to work with. Choosing to microdose ayahuasca requires dedication to cultivating a strong foundational practice. This is not about just microdosing vine and then hoping in the car to go grocery shopping. Working with ayahuasca requires presence and focus. How willing are you to cultivate a morning mindfulness practice? This requires a willingness to allocate time in the morning to create a sacred space for an intentional practice. Microdosing is not a panacea. If you are struggling with low moods, want to unlock greater depths of creativity, or are seeking to make changes in your life, then choosing to microdose within a larger transformational framework is absolutely necessary in order to embody the changes you wish to see take root.

How can I procure ayahuasca for microdosing?

I only supply people with medicine who I am directly working with to help guide and oversee their practice. I feel strongly that this is the most ethical way to support people and minimize risk.

At the very least, we must do one 60 minute one-on-one session before getting started with microdosing. This session also includes PDF documents for you to read that covers “dieta” (proper diet preparations) as well as supplement, food and pharmaceutical contraindications.

(Keep in mind if you are on SSRI’s or other medications that may put you at risk, we will screen for this in the medical intake form, and advice you on the best way to proceed.)

In our session, I will help support you in cultivating a microdosing protocol to help support your individual intentions.

I also run month-long group programs you may prefer to join. See below for more information on upcoming group programs.

I’d like to start working with you, what’s the process?

If you would like to embark on this path of microdosing ayahuasca and are interesting in working with me, please fill out a preliminary application. Once I receive your application, and it looks like a potential fit, someone on my team will sent you medical intake form and liability waiver to fill out. I have medical practitioners on my team who review each application for medical contraindications and to make sure you are a good fit for this work.

For people struggling with severe depression, I offer spiritual counseling and support, however, I also have licensed psychedelic-trained-psychotherapists on my team I can refer you to if you need additional support from a licensed professional.

In what form do you provide this medicine? 

We make small, hand-made batches of ayahuasca tea with only banisteriopsis caapi (ayahuasca vine). We were taught by our elders how to make this medicine in a traditional way, as a tea, and honor this prayerful process. We have been engaged with this sacred work for almost ten years.

It goes without saying that each batch is unique a little different. I personally work with each batch before sending it out so I can tune into an appropriate recommended dose.

How much does it cost? 

We also support the sustainability of replanting. A quarter of all proceeds from this medicine goes directly back into planting more vine, so more and more people can have access to this medicine.

Due to the global explosion of interest and consumption of ayahuasca, the price of materials have gone up considerably.

Making this medicine is truly a labor of love and we do this work to support planetary healing and the awakening of humanity. Our primary purpose is to make this medicine as affordable as possible.

I generally recommend a two-month microdosing protocol with ayahuasca tea. Depending on your weight, experience and intentions, the amount you microdose will vary. A two month protocol, micorosing 3-4 times a week will costs about $275 for a half liter of medicine (not including shipping).

As mentioned, in order to receive this medicine, we need to schedule at least 1 consult together which costs $150, but it’s preferable to schedule two more check-ins over the course of the first month of microdosing.

If you prefer to join a 1 month program that offers a lot of additional support and the added benefits of connecting with other people in the group, these programs run for $500, not including the medicine.

Once we establish a relationship, and you’ve built a strong foundational practice, you can re-order more medicine to microdose with, without having to book additional coaching support sessions.

Is Microdosing Ayahuasca vine illegal?

No, ayahuasca vine–banisteriopsis caapi – does not contain DMT (DMT is unfortunately still a Schedule I Drug in the US) but if you consume ayahuasca vine on it’s own, you can still receive many healing benefits without fear of being arrested.

How much experience do you have? 

I have been working in-depth with psychedelics for over two decades. Ayahuasca has been my primary plant teacher for about 10 years. I started cultivating microdosing practices about 15 years. I’ve supported many other people on their microdosing journeys (see testimonials below).

Benefits of microdosing ayahuasca VINE

As we know, these are unprecedented times. We are facing the most severe mental health crisis in human history with over a third of Americans struggling with depression or anxiety. In this article Can Microdosing Ayahuasca Help Treat the Mental Health Crisis? I go more in depth explaining how ayahuasca acts as a natural antidepressant. 

You don’t need to be struggling with depression to benefit from microdosing ayahuasca. Ayahuasca can help boost your mood, give you a more positive outlook on life, support you in adopting new behavioral or thought patterns, enhance creative problem solving and cognitive flexibility, and unlock hidden depths of your creative capacity. 

If you want to learn some of the ways ayahuasca microdosing has supported me, here’s a link to The Top 5 Benefits I’ve Received From Microdosing Ayahuasca


“By taking a multidisciplinary approach to microdosing, you can literally create a new blueprint to completely uplevel your life."

Next Month-Long group program: September 1st
Cost: $550

This is an introductory group program that supports you in cultivating a strong microdosing morning routine where you can develop complimentary skillsets/mindsets/heartsets to maximize your transformational benefits from microdosing ayahuasca. 

  • Full support for you to feel empowered to create a microdosing protocol that works for you, your life, your goals and your schedule; 
  • 1 group integration call per week for 4 weeks; 
  • 1 supportive video or audio per week you can watch or listen to on your own time;
  • Additional Resources that will be shared throughout the program: PDF downloads exclusively made for this course, suggested reading materials, podcasts and articles;
  • My microdosing essentials toolkit including my favorite music playlists;
  • Microdosing safety protocols & contraindications; 
  • Guided recorded mediation and visionary practices
  • Microdosing tracking worksheets and journaling exercises; 
  • Closed and private WhatsApp group to stay connected throughout and beyond the program. 

If you would like to join the group or to learn more information, please indicate in your application below, that you would like to join the waitlist for next the start date in September. 

one-on-one microdosing coaching packages

If you prefer to work one-on-one and would like more information about my coaching packages, my microdosing philosophy, and the areas I may be able to support you in, please go to my One-On-One Microdosing Mentorship page for more information. 

get the support you need

meet your Microdosing mentor: Laura Dawn

As an entrepreneur, microdosing has played a huge role in enhancing my capacity to create with a purpose, and has supported my overall mental, emotional and physical health and wellbeing. 

I have been working with and actively cultivating a microdosing practice for over 15 years, and have in-depth experience with a wide range of microdosing substances. I have worked with and supported  hundreds of people in building a solid foundation to maximize the benefits received from microdosing. 

From my experience leading transformational retreats for over 10 years, my experience as a meditation teacher, certified yoga instructor, life and business coach, certified holistic nutritionist, and avid creator, as well as over 2 decades of working with psychedelics, I’ve created a unique microdosing coaching framework to support you in aligning with the best version of yourself. 

Whether you are new to working with microdosing or not, there's always room to uplevel and expand the boundaries of what you believe is possible. Microdosing can help support you in cultivating a strong foundational practice that creates a launchpad for creation, manifestation and transformation. 


Success Stories & Love-amonials

  • Abigail

    I truly LOVED this course with Laura and found it incredibly helpful for my journey. Working with micro-dosing in this specific way with the visionary tools and structure she shared was GOLD. I have worked deeply with plant medicines for the past few years and this brought my relationship with the plants and journey work to another level that felt integrative and enhancing to of all the work I have previously done. With the support of this course I found that I was able to easily integrate the insights, inspiration, healing and opening that this kind of journey work brought into my life and apply them to my reality, to the prayers and visions I was holding for my life. This course brought my visions and dreams more to LIFE in more vivid colors and details. This course gave me tools to tap in and initiate more inspired action towards making anchoring them into this reality of form. This approach feels especially potent because it mixes the practical insights of modern neuroscience with our awakening to our mystical potential as multi-dimensional creators. I deeply appreciate the medicine Laura brings ~ through her steadfast presence of support and clear transmission of an embodied visionary I was really able to tap into more of my own visionary and trust this process. Deep gratitude. I highly recommend this journey to anyone looking to tap into their inner Visionary and begin to more seriously activate your potential to create your dreams.
  • Dianna Kane

    This microDosing Flow course gave me the container to take my morning routine to the next level. Laura D holds space lovingly and helps students find the flow that is most supportive for them. I found greater spaciousness and abundance open up in my life, and have many new tools to integrate into my personal practice moving forward. I'd recommend this course to anyone who is wanting to tap deeper into their own power and creativity and leverage the power of psychedelics to do so.
  • Eve

    Working with Laura Dawn has laid a foundation for a microdosing practice that is truly life changing. I love working with all kinds of plant medicine, however, I’ve found that working with a smaller dose of sacred plant medicines more regularly feels like a very powerful tool for deeper integration. Laura Dawn’s knowledge and passion for encouraging visionary practices on and off medicine is a mental, emotional and spiritual upgrade that is invaluable. Having a group container where all my questions and experiences could be shared, contrasted and inspired by others felt safe and inspiring to engage in. Laura Dawn has a way of scientifically underlining what is happening when we tap into visionary states which in and of itself is fascinating. Be prepared to receive amazing factual scientific fascinating data to understand on a neurological level what is happening when you tap into visionary states, whilst leaving enough room for the mystery of Spirit.
  • Sharon Joy

    Going through this Microdosing Flow course with Laura Dawn was so helpful for me in countless ways! I have had so much more courage and trust in stepping out of certain thought loops and understanding how I can really begin to embody my most authentic desires. She offered a really beautiful container too and I felt really safe and supported throughout the entire process. Would go back again and totally recommend this to anyone who is looking to build a deeper relationship with themselves, their meditation practice and the role that Microdosing can play in ones life.
  • Jes Golden

    I came into this Microdosing Flow program with a lot of confusion. Confusion around the direction I saw my life's "work", relationships & passions. I came out of this microdosing program with a deeper sense of self, receiving much clarity and have gained some powerful answers of affirmation. This program led by Laura Dawn has empowered me to move forward with confidence and true belief that anything is possible and I have also developed a deep sense of knowing that what I seek is also seeking me. The power of clear intention, commitment to showing up exactly as I am, and trust in myself and this process, will guide me further down my path with my more ease and joy. I now have more power to disengage in the story that my mind has created and have a new-found respect for myself, knowing that I have the ability to write my story and create my visions into my future reality.  Laura D was an amazing, knowledgeable, and supportive teacher, friend and medicine sister. The passion she holds in this space for plant medicines is so inspiring and I honor and appreciate all the information and guidance I have received, as I know it shines through her with a pure heart and intentions of love, compassion and support. 

Apply to work with laura dawn

Before we start working together I want to make sure we’re a good fit. 

In the message box below, please indicate your underlying intentions: why you want to microdose and why you’re seeking support. Also please include if you are new to microdosing are are seeking to deepen your practice. 

Feel free to include any questions you may have about the work I do. 

Once I receive this email, I’ll send you a link to fill out comprehensive medical intake form. If it looks like a good fit, I’ll send you information about next steps including a link to make a payment and schedule our first session, or add you to the waitlist for September’s group session. 

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important microdosing disclaimer

  • Microdosing has played a huge role in my life, catalyzing an enormous amount of growth and transformation. 
  • That being said, some microdosing substances are still ILLEGAL in the US.
  • Microdosing is also NOT for everyone. 
  • Depending on what you choose to microdose, how often, how much and what medications you are on, there may be risks to microdosing. 
  • Microdosing is not a magic, cure-all solution to your problems. 
  • Psychedelics and plant medicines can show us the path, but we need to dedicate to walking it, especially with integrity..
  • I’m not advocating the use of illegal substances, and I’m also not recommending that you microdose. If you choose to microdose, I want to help support you in cultivating a mindful and safe practice.
  • I will not be supplying you with illegal substances!
  • I am not a medical doctor and I’m making absolutely NO medical claims that this will cure anything, or be of any benefit in your life.

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