Riding The Waves of Change

When I look around, I see people getting worked by life.

Most people I know are getting so utterly rocked to their core….

Myself included.

How do we learn how to navigate through these immense times of change we’re experiencing on the planet right now, and the challenges it can bring up for us.

How do we learn to find more groundedness within ourselves, when everything seems to be changing at such a rapid pace?

The Grand Restructuring

There is such a deep fundamental restructuring happening on the planet right now, where the old is falling away in order for a new way of being to emerge.

Letting go of an old way of being can be painful. I’m intimately feeling this pain right in this very moment in my own life.

But I’m also feeling hope.

As we attune to these higher vibrational frequencies, our physical reality can literally crumble around us, as the old reality we constructed for ourselves is no longer a resonant vibrational match with the new way we’re ready to be living.

As a result, things seem to fall apart, which can feel confusing, chaotic and painful. We’re burning in the fire of transmutation.

I feel like I’m being stripped to my core, but in this process, I know without a shadow of a doubt that Spirit is reconstructing the fabric of my being to be stronger now than ever before.

And it’s in the darkest moments of this deeply felt pain of transmutation that we need to remind ourselves that this needs to happen in order for a new, more harmonious reality to emerge.

We need to have faith to transition through the darkness and remind ourselves and each other, that it’s in this darkness that the compost of our being is churning to make fertile ground for a new sprout to emerge.

The True Nature of Reality

On a rational level, we know that everything is impermanent, including our own lives, but emotionally, this can be so painful to make peace with.

Clinging to the shores of safety and constantly searching for something solid to hold onto in our lives is the very essence of where our suffering comes from.

This sense of clinging to the “solid reality” is the specific veil of illusion that is being lifted for so many of us right now. The sheer amount of people I personally know who have lost all of their personal belongings and homes due to natural disasters alone is just staggering.

This lifting of the veil can be so tender; so painful, and also very isolating and we can feel so alone. But if we choose to move through this pain, especially with the each other’s support, what lies on the other side is…freedom.

The true nature of reality is that everything is changing, in every moment, and this in fact, is actually a very good thing, although I also have many moments where I lose sight of this, and every time I do, I suffer. The more I argue with reality, the more I suffer.

When we peal back the layers of this truth it reveals the true gem of reality: pure unfettered possibility.

Take heart: this is how the sprout grows

Quantum physics proves that the essence of the field that we are all connected to is infinite possibility.

The more that we can learn how to trust the unknown, and relax into it, even lean into it, the more that life will illuminate the path before our feet as obstacles of change become transmuted into stepping stones of opportunity.

So we can either catch this wave of change and step into the flow of the most exhilarating ride of our lives, or we can resist the immense increase of energy we’re experiencing on the planet and just get totally and utterly pummeled by it.

I for one, vote for catching the sweetest ride of my life.

A New Lens To Perceive Reality

How we experience reality is based on our perceptual lens we view the world with.

So try the lens of possibility on for a moment.

How does it feel in the core of your being? Can you tune in with it for a moment? Can you feel the sense of openness? Can you feel the spaciousness of possibility?

This is what it means to tap into the frequency of greatness.

This is how we find that sense of groundedness within ourselves when we start to realize that there’s really no solid ground to stand on anyways. So why not just dive in and fully tap into the void — the expanse of pure possibility.

This is how we strengthen our Spirit and we ground in and connect to that strength. This is what it means to be a warrior of light, and it’s not an easy path to choose, but the rewards are many.

Now’s the time

It’s more important than ever before that we more deeply align with our own truth. It’s an advanced game we’re playing now, and any ways in which we were walking out of alignment will become starkly obvious, and potentially in very painful ways.

Don’t wait for disaster or catastrophe to unfold in your life to get into the drivers seat of creating the life you truly want to be living. But if your world already has fallen apart, like mine just has (and I mean that in the best sense of the word), then use it as an opportunity to grow into the person you want to become.

Become the visionary of your life and hold the inner vision of what you absolutely want your life to look like, feel like and be like. And let the frequency of love guide your way back to your Spirit’s calling.

Keep reminding yourself every single day: The power to create starts in my mind and I hold the key to set myself free.

So ask yourself:

  • Where are the places that I feel out of alignment in my life?
  • What can I do right now to help bring myself back into deeper, more harmonious alignment with my truth? With my Spirit’s calling?
  • What can I start saying yes to more? What can you start saying no to more?

Let’s Dance in this Ceremony of Life Together

One of the ways we can step back into Divine Alignment is by aligning with the frequency of music that inspires us, and helps raise our energy. Music also has a way of penetrating our subconscious minds, so let’s use it as an effective tool to re-wire those old limiting beliefs that hold us back from living the highest version of ourselves we’re holding the inner vision of.

Here’s my musical recommendation for today: Calling It In by my dear sister Mary Isis ~ Let’s sing and dance the healing of our hearts together and raise our frequencies as beacons of light.

(If you haven’t opened the Frequency First welcome email, I included 2 amazing inspirational songs as direct MP3 downloads as a sweet gift from my heart to yours 🙂

This is a time of transformation and we’re being forced to shed our old skins now. We are no longer who we used to be, and now the question we need to ask ourselves is who do we really want to become?

Live Free, Laura D

PS: If you know someone that might benefit from reading this email, please share the love. And please feel free to hit reply and share with me any insights, comments or process you’re going through in your own life. You’re not alone. Let’s be here for each other’s growth. You got this, catch the wave of change with me. I love you dearly with all my heart.

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