Tapping Into Miracles

When Einstein said “Reality is merely an illusion, although a very persistent one” that guy was seriously not joking!

Look outside, it all looks pretty darn convincing doesn’t it?

But it seems like this sense of “solidness” that we perceive is an illusionary facade, although, like Einstein said, it’s quite the persistent one! But that’s what makes the latest research in quantum mechanics just so freaking fascinating. The latest science this field is discovering that: 

  1. The true nature of reality at its essence is that everything is energy, and this energy carries vibration and frequency. And when we peer into things that appear solid, we discover that they are anything but solid and in fact, much more “space” (like 99.9999% more space!) than physical matter.
  2. The world doesn’t exist “out there” independent of you; your reality is solely created based on your observation of it, and your observation of reality is an extension of your beliefs, which constructs a perceptual lens through which you view the world.

So it’s interesting to contemplate that about 70% of the beliefs people hold about what’s possible in their lives are self-limiting rather than self supporting beliefs. 

The beliefs we hold are like self-imposed boundaries we put on our lives, just like the fake boundary that Truman lived within in the famous movie The Truman Show. 

And these beliefs remain like hidden contracts that you hold with the Universe about the truth of reality. As the famous quote says “As you think so shall you be”, and what we now know is that reality is much more like a simulated projection of your deeply held beliefs, which creates the foundation for how you perceive and therefore experience everything that unfolds in your life. 

Change One Single Belief and an Entire New World of Opportunity Can Open Up For You.

This new information is just the catalyst for transformation humanity needs, because it confirms yet again that the power to create your reality starts in your mind: You hold the key

But as Einstein also said, we can’t solve our problems on the same level of thinking that created them. So it requires you to raise your level of conscious awareness and start to become aware of how you perceive reality. 

Your perceptions are like colored sunglasses you’ve been wearing your entire life, and you’ve become so used to wearing them you’ve forgotten that they’re even there. This is a reminder to take them off for a second, maybe even clean them, or heck, even swap them out for an upgraded pair of lenses that actually support rather than limit your life. 

Most of us have been given the perceptual lens based on the old paradigm which is a fear-based model of reality that promotes disconnection and chaoticstressful living where we’ve become hyper-focused and fixated on that .00001% of “matter“; the world of objects and things (when the true nature of reality is not actually solid at all). This perpetuates the illusion of separation, which is the source of so much suffering on this planet. This old paradigm prevents you from tapping into your highest potential because it’s built on the foundation of limitation, disconnection and separation. 

But there’s a new paradigm or perceptual lens that more and more people are waking up to and willing to try on, but it requires taking a quantum leap in consciousness because it runs counter to so much of what we’ve been taught. (And adopting 1 single new belief is all it takes to take this quantum leap…)

Magic Eye Moment

There are alternative dimensions of reality that already exist, and they are literally right in front of you, but like most people, you just likely haven’t been taught how to perceive it. 

Remember those 3-D “Magic Eye” paintings called stereographs that were all the rage? 

I remember the first time I looked at one. It looked like disconnected scrambled bits of data. Everyone was in awe of this new reality, but I just couldn’t see it. I didn’t get it. There was a reality that was literally jumping out at me but I couldn’t see it because it required a new way of looking —a new way of perceiving — and my mind wasn’t trained that way…yet. 

Someone was there, describing how to see it, pointing to it but they couldn’t make me see it. I was the only one that could do that. But because there were other people around me seeing it and talking about it, I believed it was possible, and that I could see it too. 

And all it takes is believing in order for a new reality to emerge. 

Then all of a sudden, it clicked. As soon as I changed my focus, something that was previously non-existent to me, popped into existence. It was there all along, I just didn’t know how to look for it yet.

Sensory Information Overload

Your brain is exposed to Billions of bits of information in any given moment. But your mind only processes a tiny fraction of it, and what you choose to pay attention to is determined by your perceptual lens. So if you don’t have a concept of something, it could be staring you right in the face and you wouldn’t notice it because it’s just not in your perceptual field of awareness. 

So of all the infinite possibility you’re exposed to, you’re likely only focusing on 1 tiny dot, and that dot doesn’t usually paint a very accurate (or happy) picture of reality. It’s like living within this narrow view of reality that keeps you stuck in the same disempowering loops every single day.

You can train your mind to pay more attention to these “hidden” realms. Well, they’re not exactly hidden, they’re just likely outside of your perceptual field of awareness, but these realms are actually 99.9999% of reality, we’ve just been taught to pay attention to that more “solid” .0001%. You can start tuning into these other dimensions just by starting to believe in them, which is easier than ever with science now backing up what the mystics have been saying for millennia: 

That these hidden dimensions are the realms of infinite possibility. 

And the more you place your attention on possibility the more doors of opportunity will continue to effortlessly open for you, not by “doing” or pushing anything to happen, but simply with the power of your conscious awareness. 

Here are a few words that I invite you to tune into, that point to and resonate within these hidden dimensions.

  • Magic
  • Miracles
  • Synchronicity
  • Unlimited
  • Freedom
  • Expansion
  • Possibility
  • Worthiness
  • Healing
  • Wholeness
  • Abundance
  • Allowing

The more you focus on magic and miracles, the more your mind will literally start looking for them, and since they already exist all around you (think: a seed can grow into something as wonderfully miraculous as a peach, the beating of your heart, or the fact that you’re a consciously aware human being!), place your awareness on magic and more magic and miracles will start to unfold in your life. 

And I absolutely know this to be true. Just with my experience with the magic eye paintings, it’s been the exact same process with the wisdom of sacred plant medicines directly teaching me how to tune into these different dimensions of infinite possibility that already exist, allowing me to experience the realms of the quantum field. One of the first times I tapped in, I manifested $125,000 overnight when we were in a sink or swim moment with our retreat center project and prayed for a miracle to help us build our dream. 

These are the dimensions I’ve been studying and paying attention to for many years now, and why I’m dedicating my life to teaching other people how to tap into these alternative, miraculous dimensions of reality as well. 

So ask yourself: 

  1. What would my life look like and feel like if I placed my awareness on possibility? 
  2. What would my life be like if I not only knew but fully owned how powerful I really am? 
  3. What new beliefs can I adopt, and what new thoughts can I think that would support me to create the life I want?
  4. What would I believe and think if I knew these beliefs directly created my reality? 
  5. What kind of reality (a reality of possibility or limitation?) do I want to be living and creating in?

Why not try on a new perceptual lens of reality? Because when you change the way you look at things, all of a sudden, the things you look at will also change. Just like magic. 

And why not pay attention to a reality that supports you rocking your life like the kickass manifesting badass you already are?

You are powerful. Own it. Be it. Embody it.

Music To Move You

I love this song of self-empowerment by Mother Medicine featuring Shylah Ray Sunshine called Existence. Click here to listen to it on Spotify.

Move your body, feel your heart, raise your vibrational frequency and dance with me in this ceremony of life. 

Until next time, shine baby shine. 

Live Free, Laura D

Laura Dawn. Resonate at the Frequency of Greatness


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