The Delicate Balance and Incredibly Fine Art of Not Giving a Fuck…

It’s a noble cause: to truly want to aspire to create greatness with your life. To step outside of the bounds of what you believe is possible and play big at the game of life.

But for those of you who are aspiring for greatness, then you might also be very familiar with this personality characteristic that tends to go hand in hand with this pursuit of…happiness, fulfillment, success and accomplishment…

This is the tendency to take things waaaayyyyy too fucking seriously.

I witness this tendency in so many people I coach, friends who are also aspiring for greatness, and of course, I see it in myself.

We’re taught to take life seriously…

We take what we’re going to order for breakfast seriously, how many likes we get on facebook seriously, we take our spiritual paths very seriously, we take healing ourselves seriously, we take arguments seriously, we take global warming seriously (ok, we probably should take that seriously….) decorating our homes seriously, we take our workouts seriously…we take what other people think about us wayyyy too seriously which can be just downright debilitating to living our own truth in our lives. 

And we take our lives as a whole so freaking seriously!

And of course, there’s the paradox: our lives absolutely matter, and what we do with our life is incredibly important; one life has the capacity to influence huge change within a culture and across the world (think Nelson Mandela or Oprah Winfrey for example) Plus, of course our lives matter when you think about the fact that we were conceived inside another human body and we are literally walking, talking living miracles…(although we tend to rarely relate to life that way…) but when you zoom out and take a super broad perspective, we’re literally 9 billion people hurtling through space on this planet, who have such tiny unimportant lives that last the blink of an eye in the truly grand scheme of things.

So how about a little balance, huh?

Of course we matter, but we tend to have this debilitating tunnel vision, hyper-focusing on the importance of everything, and because we take everything so seriously, we lose sleep worrying about…a meeting the next day, who will feed the cat while we’re gone, how many people will sign up for our next launch, how many views we’ll get on our next youtube video, you get the point.

And all of this leads to stressing over every single outcome. And stress just so happens to be the antithesis of easily manifesting whatever you truly want in your life.

Stress keeps us in this narrow focus feedback loop where we’re stuck in this one tiny box within the big picture of what’s really possible in our lives. By opening our awareness and thinking bigger and feeling bigger than that old pattern of stress, worry and seriousness, we can remember to look up and see that we live in an infinite field of true Divinity and pure possibility.

We care SO darn much that we can actually squeeze the living crap out of what we care about until it’s dead….of mice and men anyone? This hyper focusing on the importance of everything we want to create with our lives actually contracts our being, which ironically becomes just an obstacle to more ease-fully achieving what we want in life. If we could drop the seriousness we could relax into the flow of life; relish in the flow, and actually take time to enjoy our lives. Because it’s really all about the journey and who we become along the way, rather than that end destination anyways.

And THE most ironic part about it all? Everything we take so seriously is just an illusion to begin with…

So why not make feeling good your highest priority?

Can you notice the places in your life that you might take a smidge too seriously? What’s keeping you up at night? What are you stressed about? Shake yourself out of that chronic feedback loop. Zoom out and take a bigger picture perspective. Do you think in a year from now, you’ll remember what you were so stressed out about today?

When I think back at different times of my life, like University for example, I think I could have had a radically different experience, primarily: much more enjoyable, if I would have taken it 90% less seriously. The amount of pressure I put on myself to succeed was actually more debilitating than it was conducive to me succeeding.

I’ve come a long way since those days, mostly thanks to some of the profound journeys I’ve had with powerful sacred plant medicines that have truly allowed me to see the bigger picture of life, and yet I still catch myself falling into that “serious” trap.

If you want to truly be a visionary and walk this path of using your life to create more beauty in this world and anchor some big visions into reality — which I believe is a very noble cause — I think it’s essential to balance out our pursuits with this sense of holding our inner visions and aspirations more lightly.

Relax into the process more, play with it more, have more fun manifesting what you want to create, because I know for me, there’s absolutely nothing more exciting than holding an inner vision of possibility in my mind and watching it unfold in this physical reality. It’s true alchemy at its best, and I’m in sheer awe of the magic every single time.

The trick is to step out of your own way so you can expand into the open channel of inspiration and creation…the moment you take it all too seriously is the moment you trip over your own shoe and miss getting in the channel all together.

It’s a delicate balance; caring and sort of not caring at the same time; we zoom into the importance of our lives and then zoom right back out into the sheer unimportance of it all.

I’m not saying don’t give a fuck, I’m just saying, maybe give a little less of a fuck…and see how that feels.You just might like it!

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Music to Move You

Shake off the seriousness and move your body to this upbeat fun song by KR3TURE called Flying….Dancing and moving is such a great way to bring more fun and joy into your life, shaking off negative energy and just feeling free…free to create, free to be you, free to live the life you envision for yourself. You deserve it.

Here’s one more song that always puts me in a great free-flowing mood…called Follow the Sun by Xavier Rudd

Enjoy the music, and keep dancing in this ceremony of life with me.

From my rebellious open heart to yours,

Live Free, Laura D

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