When we hear people talk about “Stepping into Divine Alignment” in life, it’s easy to conjure up this image that aligning with your deepest soul’s purpose is going to be some kind of graceful unfolding. It just sounds so elegant, doesn’t it?

But in my experience, in real life, stepping into divine alignment can actually be pretty messy business at times. And because it sounds so spiritually graceful, it sets us up for feeling bad and being hard on ourselves when in reality, this isn’t always the case.

When embarking on the courageous path of following your Spirit’s calling, it’s not always easy to just hit the nail on the head the first time around.


We fumble a little to the right and then fumble a little to the left.

Mistakes are made, money is spent that we wish wasn’t, time gets wasted, directions are taken that need reversing, effort is made that needs re-doing.

I wanted to speak to this specific topic because it seems like now, more than ever, I look around and see people who are waking up to possibility in their lives. People are yearning to feel on purpose, deeper fulfillment and more happiness.

I’ve been an entrepreneur my entire life, and it was noticeably different even 10 years ago. The sheer amount of people stepping out of the cubicle into the Great Unknown has grown exponentially as people yearn for more.

And if you’re one of those people, then take heart:

Aligning with your Spirit’s Calling is a Process, Not a Destination…

The reason I’m expressing this is to take the pressure off of the seeker, striver or achiever within you. Finding your life purpose can feel like such a daunting journey sometimes, so be kind and gentle with yourself. Even people who you perceive as super successful are also still in the process of “figuring it out”.

Forgiveness is the Key

Even through all of the business success I’ve had in my own life, I’m still noticing the hiccups and the less-than-graceful process of learning how to more deeply listen and align with my truth, and then undergoing some level of trial and error as I learn how to translate my truth into a message that can inspire people.

I have to keep remembering to forgive myself on a daily basis for all the mistakes I’m making along the way. And deep down, I know this will allow me to be much more successful in the long run than being hard on myself.

Do you see yourself in this story? Do you also need reminding that forgiveness is an essential part of the process?

Self-forgiveness and self-compassion are powerful, like hidden superpowers that you can draw upon that will ultimately get you much closer to where you really want to go. Forgiving yourself is what will encourage you to keep going, to get back up and to take that next step into deeper alignment with your truth.

Letting Go of Trying

More than anything, this process is about NOT trying. I know it’s counter intuitive, but the more I try, push or “strive” to get into alignment, the more out of alignment I get.

It’s much more about allowing, feeling my way (rather than thinking my way) and making time and space every day to listen, tune in and align with the vision of what it is I’m creating, and then learning how to follow that feeling through everything that I’m doing.

What I’ve discovered is that alignment is already here, most of us are just trying too hard to align with it, which ironically is pushing us out of alignment.

This is about learning how to let go and surrender INTO the process rather than forcing a process to happen in the first place. It’s a delicate balance I know, and I’m witnessing that fine tuning this delicate balance is one of the keys to success.

Follow the Feeling

Deeper alignment requires paying attention to the more subtle frequencies of how each decision you’re making truly feels. Training yourself to continuously place your awareness on how you feel throughout your day, especially as you’re making decisions, is where your inner guidance and wisdom comes from.

The more you pay attention to it, the more present that guidance becomes, and then you can start tuning your inner dial to align with the frequency of how you actually want to feel in your life.

Let go of that outward pushing or trying to get there, and come back to your center of truth, your inner yes… and follow THAT feeling.

I know it’s easier said than done, but that’s what makes stepping into divine alignment in your life a process rather than an end destination. Just like continuously adjusting your sails on a journey, you’re using your feelings to give you information and guidance about which way to go next.

So how does reading this make you feel? What nugget of wisdom can you immediately apply in your own life to bring you closer to living the life you truly want to be living?

Music to Move You

As always, I have a music recommendation for you!

This week’s song is by the sweet ladies of Rising Appalachia called “Find Your Way” – on Spotify.

I recommend taking 5 minutes to move your body, tune in with your heart, and feel the frequency of this song to help raise your energy to attune to the frequency of love and inspiration...to tune to the frequency of greatness.

Have a beautiful week.

Live Free, Laura D

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Until next time, from my heart to yours…

Live Free, Laura D