The Power to Create Starts In Your Mind

The Power to Create Starts In Your Mind

The Power to Create Starts In Your Mind

The Power to Create Starts In Your Mind

The Power to Create Starts In Your Mind

​For those of you who know me personally or follow me on social media, then you’ve likely heard me say:

The Power to Create Starts in Your Mind.

In this post, I’m going to build off of the last email: The Vibration of Manifestation and we’re going to look at the neuroscience of manifestation — how holding an inner vision in your mind literally changes your brain so that you can experience it in reality.

Before I dive in, I’m pretty excited to let you know that I’ve started creating videos for each frequency first email that goes out. So if you prefer, you can also watch the video!

The Power to Create Starts in Your Mind (which goes a little more in-depth).

Everything that comes into creation was once a thought in someone’s mind…

So why not get into the driver’s seat and actively focus on what you want the creation of your life to become? This is what it means to walk the visionary path.

When you learn how to embody the visionary archetype and you hold an inner vision of a reality you’re calling towards yourself, and you feel the frequency of it, which means you resonate at the frequency of the emotions this inner vision stirs within you — joy, excitement, inspiration, passion, love, freedom — then you’re setting a powerful intention for this vision to manifest in your life.

This is because when you combine an inner vision with a strong elevated emotion you’re literally resonating at a specific frequency and we know that frequency carries information. (Just like the radio stationI mention in the last email)

From a neuroscience perspective, we know that the information this signal carries, actually starts to restructure your brain creating and forming new synaptic connections.

The latest research in neuroscience is discovering that how you experience the reality you call your life, is much more like a simulation that gets projected — and it’s projected based on the neural connections you have in your brain. Think of these neural networks as like 3D bluep​rints that project out to make up your 3D reality.

So when you learn a new concept, the neurons in your brain start to fire and wire in a new way, creating new neural connections — just like Hebb’s law states what fires together wires together.

These conceptual frameworks solidify into beliefs and become the foundation for perception. If you don’t have a concept for something, you won’t perceive it “out there” in reality.

This also means that something can exist but if you’re not able to perceive it, and you’re not putting your attention on it, then it just won’t exist for you — it might exist for someone else, but it won’t for you.

Become the Visionary of Your Life

So when you go within, and you overcome what you perceive as your current reality and you repeatedly hold an inner vision of what’s possible in your life, a possibility that you’re ready to be living right now, then you’re literally priming your brain to project that simulation into reality, and therefore experience it.

You can think of this as the neuroscience of manifestation. And I like to think of it as an incredibly fun game I get to play with life. And the more I hold bigger and bigger visions of what’s possible, and continue to watch the divine orchestration that allows this vision to come to fruition in my life, the more I blow past the boundaries of what I previously thought was possible, which in turn lays down more neural connections in my mind priming my brain to perceive and therefore experience more and more possibility.

And when you feel your heart is in deep alignment with this inner vision, I absolutely believe that the entire Universe conspires to support this vision coming to fruition.

The work that I’ve been doing with sacred plant medicines over the past 20 years has taught me how to attune my awareness to energy and has shown me how the frequency I resonate at carries information. And whether I’m studying science or ancient wisdom, all signs point in the same direction:

The Power to Create Starts In Your Mind

Music to Move You

I LOVE sharing my favorite inspirational music with you guys. This week, I’m thrilled to be sharing music from an incredible women who I’m honored to call a dear friend. Tara is a visionary in her own right and her music has held me through some deep processes I’ve gone through in my life.

I love her song Rainbow Light off of her True Beauty album on Bandcamp. She also just came out with a brand new release last week called Intend & Surrender. I highly recommend giving her powerful music a listen!

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