The Vibration of Manifestation

​I’ve been fascinated with the biology of manifestation my entire life; understanding the actual science behind holding an inner vision with a strong intention and watching it transmute into reality. To me, this is the essence of what it means to be a visionary.

For the past 15 years, and especially right now as I’m writing my visionary training program, I’m super immersed in many different fields of study from neuroscience, neurobiology, quantum physics, Eastern philosophy, and spiritual teachings… and I’m always and continuously amazed that they all point to the same core understanding of life:

that at the most fundamental level of reality, everything is energy, vibration and frequency.

What’s even more fascinating to me is that this is exactly what sacred plant medicines have also taught me; they’ve directly shown me that when I combine the power of focused intention by holding a vision in my mind, and tune my vibrational frequency to become a resonant match with what it is I most deeply desire, this is the quickest way to literally shape the energy field and mold it into something I can experience in reality; it’s the vibration of manifestation.

You Are a Vibrational Being

Where science and spirituality overlap truly paints a beautiful picture of self-empowered creation. You are a vibrational being, right down to you cellular make up, and this vibration is first and foremost directly affected by the thoughts you think and the emotions you feel. This vibration literally creates an electromagnetic frequency that radiates out from your being into the Universe. And as we already know, all vibrational frequency carries information.

So think of your body as being like a transmission radio station sending out and receiving information at the vibrational frequency that you’ve tuned your dial to (depending on how you feel), and you have the power to tune into whatever station you want. It’s quite remarkable, really.

The Outside-In Approach

So many people wait until they receive what they want in order to be happy. They think: once I get the job, make more money, find my partner, then I will feel happier, more whole, more fulfilled, more complete. What a passive way to live! And why give away your power like that?

But Here’s The Key…

Think about it: why do any of us want to manifest anything at all in the first place? Why do we want to build our dream home, launch the new online brand, take the vacation, get the better job? Because of how it will make us FEEL, right? So isn’t it strange why anyone would wait to feel what they really want to feel in life when we ALL possess the power to shift our emotions right in this moment to embody that exact feeling?

Most people are just out of practice, that’s all.

A Quick Practice

Take a moment to close your eyes and think about someone you love. It could be your beloved, a pet, your mother. Pick something easy. It only takes a moment to feel love and gratitude for someone or something. But the training is to sustain these feelings for longer (and not immediately fall back into the vibrational frequency of the stress of everyday living)…and to get better at feeling the specific feelings you want to feel.

Try the same thing now by intentionally conjuring up the feeling of wealth and abundance. Then try it with the feeling of freedom, now try it with inspiration; how does it feel when you feel really inspired by something?

(Just as a side note: the moment you feel abundant is the moment you stop trying to create from a place of lack or separation…and instead create more of what you ​already feel – a much easier way to create…)

Now couple this practice with a specific vision you’re holding in your mind.

Get clear: What are you calling into your life right now?

Then close your eyes and focus the vision in your mind and feel exactly how it feels to have that experience. Feel the excitement of it. Feel the joy of it.

These elevated emotions are powerful energetic signals — however you want to slice it, whether it’s from a spiritual perspective or a scientific perspective — they are signals to your body, to your cells and your genes and DNA, to your brain and to your mind, and to the field of energy around you and beyond; feeling good right now is the quickest way to living a healthier, happier, more fulfilled and creative life.

And that’s the key to calling in exactly the life you want to be living and anchoring all of your biggest visions, dreams and aspirations from the quantum or spirit realm right here into your physical 3D reality.

All manifesting really is, is playing with energy, vibration and frequencies, and using your focused intentions (inner visions) along with the frequencies in your body (how you feel) to get into a resonant match with what it is you want to create, call in, and experience.

Waiting for life to give you what you desire first, before you feel the joy of it, is absolutely the slowest way to create what you want.

The visionary approach — the Frequency First approach– is training yourself to feel those feelings of joy, happiness, excitement and gratitude right now, regardless of what your life looks like. And of course this requires dedication and practice; it requires overcoming the circumstances in your external environment and staying committed to how you ​really ​want to feel regardless of what’s happening around you and who might be trying to rain on your parade.

But if you choose to practice this inside-out approach to living, where you truly know that the power to create starts first and foremost with the inner visions you hold in your mind, led by the frequency of the feelings in your heart, you’ll start to witness the playfulness of the Universe at work in your life: more magic, more miracles, more synchronicity and divine alignments. Trust me, it’s MUCH more fun…

This is the co-creative dance we all get to play with the Universe, but only if you so choose.

Music to Move you

And of course, one of my all time favorite ways to raise my vibrational frequency is to move my body to some of my favorite inspirational songs!

I have a 2 for you this week.

Next up is a major favorite of mine at the moment. It’s a Spanish song called TRIBU by this amazing medicine sister named Giselle World (on bandcamp). It’s got an amazing beat and it really just makes me want to move and shake it and dance! This song has been on my new workout jams playlist and I just LOVE it when it comes on.

And this last song for today is more on the spiritually uplifting medicine music side of things. If you don’t know Murray Kyle, who is not only an incredible musician but also a very special human being, one of the most kind-hearted people I know, then definitely check him out on Spotify. I had a deep inner journey last weekend and this song Arrow to the Sun just touched my heart so deeply. (I also had the honor of listening to him play this live at our retreat center, what a special moment of my life!)

Feel free to share your comments down below 😉

With love from my vibrational heart to yours…

Live Free, Laura D

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