Consuming The Medicine

I’ve shared various tips and suggestions sprinkled throughout the lessons about consuming the medicine, but I want to synthesize and bring it all together here in one place so you feel prepared to get started and feel totally clear about the actual process of microdosing the medicine.  


I’m going to share what my own process and practice looks like. We are going to dive much deeper into cultivating a morning practice after consuming the medicine, so in this section, I’ll just share about the actual process of just the microdosing aspect of my morning flow and ritual. 


Again, I recommend microdosing first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. 

I like to make a little pot of tea in the morning, putting it in a nice little special teapot with my favorite little cup that rests on my Lotus Flower Tea coaster on my altar. 


I enjoy using special items like this that help beautify my altar space and remind me how special this moment is. 


You can use Guayusa Tea, White Tea, or make a simple ginger tea with fresh ginger. 

I’ll pour out and measure the medicine in my small measuring cup and bring the medicine and the tea to my altar. 


I sit on a meditation cushion in front of my altar space, and I open up the container for my morning practice by lighting a candle, and burning some sandalwood. 


I take 2-3 minutes to quiet my mind, allowing myself to arrive. And then I offer gratitude for whatever feels genuinely true for me in that moment: offering appreciation and acknowledging my various teachers on my path, offering gratitude for this medicine, for someone I love, for indigenous cultures, for my Spirit Guides, for the land I live on that supports and sustains me. 


Connecting with a heartfelt sense of gratitude is such a wonderful way to start our practice. 


And then I hone in on and connect to my underlying intention or prayer, as well as who or what I’m dedicating my practice to. We’re going to discuss and cover the power of intentions in the next module. 


When my mind, body and heart feel ready and open to receive the medicine, I consume it and then follow it with a cup of tea. I like to pour a little tea into the cup that had the medicine in it so that I can consume the full amount (every drop of this medicine is precious.) 


If you are coming off of stimulants like coffee, it’s okay to consume a cup of Guayusa when you wake up, and then wait about 20 minutes before drinking the medicine, with an additional little cup. 

It’s also good to hydrate in the morning, with a cup of water, herbal tea or coconut water, but I usually wait 20(ish) minutes before microdosing because I find if I consume the medicine with a lot of liquid in my stomach, it can dilute the medicine or some people have expressed it makes them feel a little more queasy. 


So one option that I enjoy is to consume a coconut and a little bit of oolong tea when I wake up while I’m writing my morning pages and engaging in my journaling practice. (More about morning pages in module 4.) Then when I’m done I drink the medicine at my altar with a small cup of tea to chase the medicine with.