Intention Setting Guide

“Intentions create your reality.” ~Wayne Dyer 

More than anything, I want to inspire you to remember that your intentions are powerful. 


Intentions are an unseen force that helps shape your life and mold your reality. 


Setting an intention is like planting a seed in an immense field of infinite possibility, and where we choose to place our attention is like the water and nourishment for those seeds to sprout and grow.  


As a visionary, intention is a powerful tool and ally you can consistently and reliably draw upon as you empower yourself to cultivate the vision of your life that feels in most resonant alignment with you. 


Intentions are like your inner compass. They are your north star. They help to set the direction of your life, guiding your purpose to fruition. 


But of course, they are not fixed in stone, they are fluid, and we learn to hold them lightly but intently as we learn to step up and meet life in this co-creative dance. 


Focusing on your intentions helps provide greater clarity and they help fuel the inner visions you are feeling called to transmute into reality. 


The following questions are just a helpful starting point. These questions provide an opportunity for you to reflect upon your intentions for embarking on this journey. 


They are a guide to help you formulate your clear intentions that you can craft more succinctly at the end of the worksheet. I encourage you to review this worksheet at the end of your microdosing protocol to view where this journey has led you, and as a tool for reflection, so you can continue to adjust your sails accordingly as you continue your journey through life. 


Of course, as always, please use your intuition, peeling back the layers to arrive at your deepest truth. 


Questions to Guide Your Intentions

What is motivating my intention to start (or continue) to microdose with this medicine? 

What am I feeling ready to: 


  • Shift out of in my life?
  • Heal?
  • Let go of?
  • Forgive?

What am I ready to remember about myself? 


Here are a wide variety of intentions that I’ve accumulated based on the responses of many people I’ve worked with. As you can see, there are a wide range of intentions. I offer this list to help give you some ideas and spark your imagination around what’s possible, as they might help you hone in on your specific intentions. 




  • I’d love to connect to a more authentic part of myself 
  • I want to forgive myself for all the harm I’ve inflicted on my body
  • I want to let go of limiting beliefs, specifically: 
  • I want to reveal the hidden ways I self-sabotage 
  • I want to shift into a more positive perspective of life 




  • I’m ready to heal from this particular trauma that happened to me
  • I’m open to a deeper level of healing I don’t even know is possible yet
  • I’m open to finding forgiveness for: 


Physical and Mental Health


  • I want to sharpen my mind and improve my focus and concentration  
  • I want to enhance cognitive flexibility
  • I want to feel more emotionally stable 
  • I want to improve my physical health
  • I want to get physically stronger
  • I want to do more yoga 
  • I’d like to make meditation a regular part of my routine
  • I want to deepen my meditation practice 



  • I’m ready to adopt healthier habits
  • I’d like to deepen my yoga practice
  • I’d like to commit to walking every day 
  • I’m ready to quit smoking 
  • I’d like to eat healthier foods
  • I want to improve the quality of my sleep 




  • I want to heal a relationship 
  • I want to cultivate stronger relationships with my friends  
  • I want to heal the relationship I have with myself and my body
  • I want to improve my marriage 
  • I want to learn better communication skills  
  • I want to cultivate a deeper relationship with this earth and spend more time in nature




  • I want to explore new outlets of creativity in my life
  • I want to open creative channels
  • I want to expand my capacity to create 




  • I desire to become more productive
  • I’d love to procrastinate less
  • I want to learn more quickly 
  • I’m feeling stuck and ready to get unstuck and more motivated




  • I want to learn how to tap into flow states
  • I want to feel more inspired 
  • I want to relate to my life in a different way
  • I want to feel a greater sense of happiness and contentment 
  • I’m ready to gain clarity on the direction of my life
  • I want to more deeply connect to the vision I’m holding for my life
  • I want to spend more time doing the things I love 



Contribution/Giving Back 


  • I want to connect to the prayer and vision I’m holding for the healing of this earth and for humanity
  • I want to get more clear on what my unique gifts are and how to share them with more people


Pick 2-3 primary intentions, either from the above list or creating your own. 


List them here, and get a specific as possible. 


Intention #1


Intention #2


Intention #3


Now for each intention, ask yourself WHY. Why do I want to align with this reality? Each time you ask yourself why, ask yourself why once more and keep peeling the layers back until you can’t go any further to arrive at and uncover your core intention. 


Be specific


Intention #1 – WHY


Intention #2  – WHY


Intention #3  – WHY


Now for each intention, ask yourself:


  1. What beliefs do I need to shift so I can embody this person I am becoming?
  2. What are 2-3 new thoughts I would need to think in order to align with this intention? (For example, that it is possible to heal from emotional wounds or trauma.)
  3. What new behaviors would I need to adopt? For example, I’m moving from this habit (insert habit) to this habit (insert habit). 
  4. How would I carry myself differently knowing it’s possible to align with this intention? 
  5. What are 2-3 mindsets I would need to cultivate over the course of the next several months to align with this intention? 
  6. What am I ready to let go of? And what is necessary to let go of in order to more deeply align with this intention? 
  7. How would aligning with this intention make me feel? Name 3 feeling states I want to cultivate more of on a daily basis for the next 2 months.  


How would aligning with these genuine, heart-felt intentions benefit the people I love?


How could these intentions contribute to the awakening of humanity? 


What do I want to learn about myself on this journey?


What am I calling in for myself? Be specific.


Name something you’d love more clarity around in your life. Be specific