What’s Blocking Your Abundance Channel? Part 1

When I was leading my “Manifest Your Dreams” retreats in Hawaii, I would lead people through one of my favorite visionary abundance practices. Essentially, after an initial mediation, I’d walk people through a guided visionary experience (like a visualization but much more experiential) of receiving large amounts of abundance.

First, this practice allows you to train your body to become a vibrational match to receiving abundance, and at the same time, uncover and notice the energy blockages that prevent this receiving, so you can remove and clear them.

What I noticed was when we’d start off with smaller amounts of abundance, most people could feel comfortable with that, and allow an inner opening to receive, but as we started aligning with much greater abundance, people started hitting all sorts of walls.

This is what I call our personal boundary of belief, and by exploring this boundary, you’re then able to do the inner work to consciously expand the self-imposed limitations of what you believe is possible.

This practice also helps you to start recognizing the difference between your conscious and subconscious mind. On a conscious level, you might think: “of course I want to win the lottery or align with my dream job that makes me 7-figures a year while I laugh with giddy joy all day long….

But on a subconscious level, there are all sorts of underlying limiting beliefs (especially around money, abundance and receiving) that most people lug around with them. These beliefs are like little dead weights that hold you down and hold you back from aligning with what your conscious mind wants…Like seriously you guys, who doesn’t want to hit that gorgeous almighty easy button in life? Well, most of the time your subconscious mind doesn’t.

Back to the visionary abundance practice…

When people really peeled back the layers, the main energetic blocks that people expressed were almost always the same. One woman commented that through this meditation, she noticed that receiving “too much” made her feel uncomfortable. Another woman cried; she felt unworthy she said. One guy noticed a distinct belief pop up that if he didn’t work hard for it, it shouldn’t be his. Another woman commented… “bad, bad bad.” To others it felt amazing but they still noticed where their limitations were.

Many noticed what felt like tangible boundaries around what they believed was possible, and everyone’s boundary of belief is different. Some people feel comfortable with the notion of making $15,000 a day, a bare minimum of what their time is worth, while others can’t even imagine this possibility.

And the key is: if you can’t imagine it, it’s way more unlikely to even be a possibility…

We drop in to align with a vibrational frequency of receiving but then like clockwork, we cue in limiting beliefs to center stage to take the spotlight and steal the show.

Like I’ve mentioned in past emails (specifically “Tapping Into Miracles“), beliefs are like hidden contracts that we subconsciously enter into. It’s an agreement that you make with the Universe, and the Universe will always hold up its end of the bargain.

What are some of the beliefs you hold around money?

If you’re sitting there reading this and thinking: “I’ve got a great relationship with money, I don’t worry about it, I got plenty of it and obviously, there’s plenty more where that came from. On top of it, I genuinely enjoy how I make it and/or receive it”…then by all means, carry on the good work, and…maybe you should write a book?

But if the above description doesn’t especially land true for you in your heart, (and my best guess is that would be 99.999% of humanity) then just sayin’… there might be something here you want to dig deeper into and look at within yourself.

What was the most common thing you heard your parents saying around money? That it doesn’t grow on trees? That if you work your little tush off your entire life, then maybe, just maybe you’ll be lucky enough to have some of it? Work hard and struggle for it, that’s the memo that most of us get. Heck, I even know people who have a ton of resentment towards “rich people”, they think rich people are “bad” and then wonder why money doesn’t flow in their direction!

Then of course, there’s that commonly held belief by many people within “spiritual” communities that making money isn’t very, well…Spiritual. Which is theme that inspired me to write this email. I was recently invited to speak on a panel at Lucidity Festival in Santa Barbara this April on this very topic. This belief was even embedded right into the panel description and inherently implied when described as the “divide” between spiritual pursuit and financial stability. Didn’t you get that memo? That in order to be spiritual, you need to renounce material possessions! Making money, or even wanting to make money is inherently bad, bad, bad….

All I’m staying is that whatever belief you buy into will be your reality.

So think about it: what beliefs are you ready to ditch and leave behind in the mud? Reach higher…or more like, resonate higher.

Just like everything else, money is just energy; it has a vibrational frequency and is just one of many forms of abundance.

Start Feeling Abundant Now

If you want to feel more abundance in your life, start feeling more abundant. What does it feel like when you close your eyes and feel the feeling of being super abundant? Notice all the ways in which you already are abundant and start there as the opening to connecting with this feeling state.

I invite you to experiment with dropping any limiting storylines around money and abundance. Explore what it would feel like if the opposite were true. (And maybe even get all “Byron Katie” on the situation and when you notice a shitty limiting belief pop up, ask yourself: “Is this absolutely true?” — a favorite practice of mine that nips all BS right in the bud.)

Feel the feeling of abundance right here and right now. And if you’re struggling with this, that’s a great opportunity to witness what’s coming up that’s blocking the way so you can clear it.

This is what it means to create a new future reality for yourself (aka manifestation…) by taking a “frequency first” approach.

The ironic thing is you don’t need to “try” to make money, all you have to do is align with the vibrational frequency of feeling good, open your channel to receive it, keep living your life in a good way, and money will find you. Actually, the less you try, push and struggle to make it, the more easily it will flow in for you.

(If this above statement is triggering for you, then you, especially you, might want to explore why that is…why try to defend your limitations?)

Own Your Worth

What I’ve discovered through many years of working with sacred plant medicines (ayahuasca in particular) is that at the core of most limiting beliefs is a lack of self-worth.

Feeling unworthy is not a resonant vibrational match with feeling abundant and feeling supported by the Universe.

Sacred plant medicines have a distinct way of helping us heal this wound of unworthiness within us and help us re-write the hidden contracts we enter into with the Universe through uncovering the true nature of reality, and supporting us in adopting new, more supportive beliefs.

In my next Frequency First email, I’ll tell you about a distinct plant medicine journey I had that opened up such an incredible channel of abundance in my life that I had $125,000 miraculously land in my bank account within 7 days of this powerful energetic clearing of my abundance channel to receiving.

Music to Move You

Want a quick and easy way to start resonating at a higher more harmonious and coherent frequency? My good friend Mary Isis just came out with an epic new song called Are You Listening featuring Riconekt that has definitely got me moving and raising my vibrational frequency. I love listening to my high vibin’ inspirational music with a positive message every single day, and I love sharing it with you here too.

As always, I love to hear from you. Feel free to comment down below and share how these bi-monthly Frequency First “Spirit Downloads” are impacting your life.

Until next time,

From my heart to yours,

Live Free, Laura D


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